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Tsunenori Munakata



Fundamental Concept:

uEnterprise is a Public Entity of Societyv
uEnterprise serves the Society and contributes to creation of better Societyv

Our business management is based on the philosophy of  gEnterprise is a Public Entity of Societyh

advocated by the founder of Panasonic, Mr.Konosuke Matsushita. That is to say that an Enterprise

as public entity of society should serve and contribute to the society through its business activities.

Our company aims at building a better society and as a manufacturer of barcode verifiers, we shall

commit to exert our efforts to bring about more convenience in the society where barcode related business is the centre of interest.Through development of products and system and by making good

use of various auto indentification technology, we shall strive towards realization of our concept.



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